Note #1: Rules

"There are always rules to be followed everywhere"

Before Submitting Your Promo:

1. Follow this blog but no worries, I’ll surely follow yours!

2. Follow these bloggers: 

3. Always check if your promo has already a link to your blog

4. If your promo doesn’t have one I wouldn’t post it. Since it will just appear like "Follow Me! Follow Me" without any link, and that’s a waste of post, time and my followers’ dashboards would be flooded.

After Your Promo Has Been Posted:
  1. Don’t unfollow because your promo has already been posted then follow back if you would like to promo yourself again.
  2. Three strikes and you’re out. If you did the follow and unfollow scheme for three times, I wouldn’t follow you anymore and be on my banned list. 
So to have an organized and peaceful way of promoting your blogs, kindly follow the rules. Thank you!

(Source: starpromo)


Hello there my friend! Here's a site to promote your very own blog. All you have to do is submit a promo text and wait to be known. Just be sure to follow the rules and you're off little by little be discovered.

Another thing, this blog is a reblog machine. I reblog what I like and see. And for the ups for my followers, if you want something to be reblogged all you have to do is just follow the rules and send me the link you want me to reblog.

*Note: I queue my posts so don't be mad or go crazy if your promo and/or reblog post/s aren't posted right away.

Read the RULES

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